Air Conditioning Systems for New Construction

Air Conditioning Systems for New ConstructionDuring the design process of your building, it is vital to include proper HVAC planning. The U.S. Department of Energy estimates that over 50% of structures do not have the correct size HVAC system for the structure. This applies to whether it is too small or too large. The appropriate cooling and heating system will improve the indoor air quality of your building, as well as perform efficiently, thus saving money on energy costs.

Let Our Experience Work for You

The Severn Group has years of experience designing and installing air conditioning systems for new construction. Our team of qualified experts vows to work with you to create the best system for your building utilizing the leading industry technology and finest materials. You can trust our expert construction and installation to provide the best HVAC system. Your system is guaranteed to be sized correctly for your solution.

The Best in the Industry

We offer a full range of products and services giving you many options to choose from, whether your budgeting for a small capacity ductless split system or a large capacity centrifugal chiller. Whatever your price point, we have the best solution.

Our Standards

When it comes to AC for new construction, we understand that the correct installation and design concept will alleviate future issues and help save you money throughout the life of the unit. You can trust us always to abide by the highest industry standards. Our team will work closely with other contractors to ensure all work is completed within scope. Lastly, we will test and inspect the entire HVAC system before signing off on the project.

The Severn Group vows to work as part of a cumulative team for your building’s construction. Our knowledgeable team has years of experience designing and creating air conditioning systems for new construction. Contact us today to schedule a consultation to design the perfect HVAC for your new structure.