Commercial Subcontracting

There are several things that make The Severn Group stand above the rest in the industry. One of them is commercial subcontracting, which in all ways ensures that our clients get value for their money. Our commercial subcontractors will ensure your system is up and running. No matter your location or unique needs. In most cases, our clients will vary from one area to another.

However, we always deal with government institution facilities as well as special-purpose facilities. For instance, hospitals, data centers, and the like.

All of our subcontractors require verification and prove to have what it takes to work within our group. First and foremost, they are registered and licensed with relevant authorities. In addition, they are members of professional bodies, and are also insured with recognized insurance firms. This means that you can feel good about choosing one of our commercial subcontractors. Above all, they maintain a track record of offering excellent services. Which includes both commercial and residential clients over the years. In short, you can count on us to offer you HVAC design, repairs, and retrofits that meet your unique needs.

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Subcontracting Service You Can Count On

The Severn Group commercial subcontracting gives you the best of services at competitive prices, no matter the task at hand. Here is a list of some factors that we consider during the maintenance process:

  • All moveable parts have proper lubrication to reduce wear and tear
  • Flushing of the condensate system for higher functionality rates
  • Checking for leaks and if any necessary action is necessary
  • Checking for proper airflow to ensure optimum performance
  • Properly assessing that all valves are functioning well and do not have any dents

As always, The Severn Group experts are here to discuss designs that suit your building’s needs. In this way, we are sure to offer you the highest utility value for your facility. Please do not hesitate to contact us for all your HVAC systems, regardless of your location. We offer services 24/7- 365 days of the year.

Commercial Subcontracting Services December 3, 2014