Complete HVAC System Installations & Retrofits

The Severn group understands how proper installation is crucial to an efficient HVAC system. That is why we are choosen again and again for complete HVAC system installations and retrofits. Our highly trained and experienced technicians mae sure all HVAC systems are installed and running at peak performance. Our proven knowledge and project management skills ensure all systmes are installed on time, in budget, and operating effeciently.

We have the experience of installing everything from commercial to residential HVAC throughout Maryland and the Washington D.C. metropolitan area. Our clients recognize the need for expert technicians that have a proficient background in HVAC systems while having insight into new construction standards. All of our foremen and supervisors are OSHA-30 certified. We are dedicated to having all field personnel OSHA certified as well. Our team of professionals are committed to and has earned a reputation for outstanding work and safety standards.


Just like new construction projects, similar adherence to factory installation and manufacturer standards is equally important on a rehab project. In a remodeling project, you have a unique set of obstacles to consider. With an increased drive toward more energy efficient HVAC systems, having a company with both design and installation experience is critical. The Severn Group can help you. We also do our own sheet metal, making it easier in remodels.


If you system hasn’t been maintained properly, repairs will be required. Our certified technicians have years of experience. They are trained in the nuances of evaluating and troubleshooting large-scale, multi-unit systems. We support and service many major facilities, and can help you to maximize your equipment’s efficiency. In addition to fixing immediate problems, our technicians will perform a thorough check to identify any other issues.


There may be a time when your commercial HVAC system needs partial or full replacement. It could be old, broken, or you just want to upgrade it’s efficiency. Whatever you reason, The Severn Group can help. When upgrading to a newer HVAC system, our technicians work quickly and efficiently. Newer systems are 20 to 40 percent more efficient, and do a better job of controlling temperature and humidity, which improves air quality. 

Regular HVAC Maintenance

Commercial HVAC systems have a lot of moving parts. Many HVAC manufacturers provide a limited warranty on their systems. However, one requirement of this warranty is that the HVAC system needs to be serviced regularly by a certified technician. Regular service records will back up your claim in the event that something breaks, allowing parts and labor to be covered under warranty.

Service contracts also ensure that your HVAC system will receive regularly scheduled maintenance. And with The Severn Group, we not only service monthly, but help prevent future issues. We want to provide all our clients with piece of mind. In addition, regular service will ensure that your commercial HVAC system runs for its full intended lifespan. This saves money from the significant cost of replacement or repair.

With every project, we not only help to ensure a lower cost of installation but a lower cost of operation throughout the system’s life cycle. Experience in design and planning allows our team to work within budget and deadlines effectively. Call us today to learn more about how we can add value to your project.

HVAC System Installations December 3, 2014