Sheet Metal Ductwork Installations, Repairs, and Maintenance

Sheet metal ductwork is an often overlooked component of your HVAC operating system. These ducts are crucial because they control indoor air quality. They circulate and exchange fresh temperature controlled air for stagnating stale air. Ductwork that is dirty or clogged, or in any way damaged or unsealed could drastically affect the efficiency of your HVAC system, causing higher energy costs. If the ductwork is left unattended, it will deteriorate and could eventually cause damage to the system as a whole.

The Severn Groups thoroughly understands the importance and value of well-maintained sheet metal ductwork. Our team will inspect and evaluate your ventilation system and formulate a strategy to ensure your HVAC is in top shape and keep it working at maximum efficiency.

The Severn Group Sheet Metal Work

Installations and Replacements

Our experienced and knowledgeable team are up-to-date regarding the latest industry techniques and products available to best suit your HVAC needs. The very first step is a complete evaluation of the sheet metal duct work running through your building and assess any damage. Based upon our discovery, we will formulate a strategy that may include duct work replacement and new installation. Reasons for replacement and new installation include:

  • corrosion
  • extreme leaks or gaps
  • inefficient layout
  • blockages or severe dents
  • ductwork customization
  • improved durability

Maintenance and Repairs

Custom Sheet Metal DuctworkLike all components of your HVAC system, it is important to maintain your ductwork. If any repairs are needed, it is imperative that they are made immediately by one of our professional service technicians. Doing so will prevent any further damage to the ductwork, insulation, surrounding construction. Proper maintenance even serves to protect other components of the system.

It is important to note that if you make any renovation to your home that your ductwork may need to be repaired or modifies to ensure maximal efficiency. Any repairs or modifications should always be completed by a professional you can trust.

Call The Severn Group today to schedule and evaluation and leak test for your sheet metal ductwork. We are leaders int the HVAC industry, and regardless of your current design or material we can offer a complete assessment. We also provide services available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, enabling us to respond to emergencies promptly.