Cooling Tower Installations, Replacements, and Maintenance

A cooling tower dissipates heat by recirculating water used in chillers, air-conditioning systems, and other HVAC equipment. They are also referred to as a heat rejection device. It will take waste heat from the atmosphere and through the cooling of a water stream convert it to a lower temperature. Typical applications for cooling towers are to provide cooled water for HVAC air conditioning systems.

The Severn Group understands that it is more than just making systems work, we recognize that every building has unique conditions required to ensure the comfort health and productivity of its occupants. Your cooling tower needs to serve your HVAC system efficiently to deliver the right specifications for peak performance.

Contact us today for an evaluation of your current HVAC system or assist you in designing a system for new construction. We promise outstanding service and guarantee 100% satisfaction! You can trust our team to provide professional, top-notch customer service and satisfaction throughout the entire installation process. We are proud of our outstanding record, and our technicians are the best in the industry.

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Industrial Installation and Replacements

At The Severn Group, we focus on making sure cooling towers fit the facility. What do we mean by this? There are different cooling towers depending on the needs of the building. Without getting too technical, you need to make sure your HVAC system is made for efficiency and longevity. While maintenance is always a must, starting with the proper equipment helps a lot.

Our expert technicians will evaluate your current system, if you need a replacement. If you are building a new structure, we will work with your team to design and install the most energy efficient system possible. At times we are able to refurbish cooling towers. This means disseblinging them, recoating, and replacing the fill. As a result, this can help add 10-15 years to older towers. This might be ideal for many towers that were installed in the 1980s. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help.

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Cooling Tower Maintenance

Replacement is expensive. There is no real way around that. Therefore, to avoid having to replace your cooling tower sooner than it needs, make sure you get it regularly maintenanced. At The Severn Group, we offer monthly preventative maintenance contracts. Regularly scheduled maintenance ensures:

1. Reliablity and Efficiency
2. Energy and Cost Savings
3. Safety

Performing monthly checks includes checking all the indivudal parts are working. If belts become loose, or fans work improperly, we are able to fix them before they reduce efficiency. This also makes sure that the water from the towers are at the right temperature. While new systems allow for lower water temperatures, this can make older systems work harder.

In addition to efficiency and cost savings, the most important is safety. Our monthly maintenance plan includes:

  • Checking and testing water for bacterial levels.
  • Water treatment with corrosion inhibitors and biocides.
  • Cleaning and inspection of the fill material.
  • Inspections and cleaning of all cooling tower components.
  • Washing and vaccuming of spray trees, basins and nozzles.

If you have any questions reguaring our preventative maintenance plans, contact us today to learn more.

Cooling Tower Installations and Replacements December 3, 2014