The Benefits of VRF Cooling Systems

Facility managers are always searching for methods and products that increase energy efficiency. Incorporating VRF cooling systems into your property’s HVAC network has many benefits, including better air quality and lower lifecycle costs. Here is helpful information regarding how you can save money and improve your company’s sustainability with VRF cooling system integration.

Energy Efficiency

These VRF Systems do not use large distribution ducts, thus eliminating heating and cooling losses. Additionally, the system utilizes optimized compressors, heat exchangers, and inverter technology all of which minimize energy consumption. The system integrates seamlessly with smart technology. Therefore, further offering the capability for increased efficiency. The software also models your energy consumption based on building design and other conditions.

Zoned ComfortThe Benefits of VRF Cooling Systems

With the use of inverters and dual compressor outdoor units, VRF systems prevent constant cycling or large temperature swings. It offers efficient temperature control and superior dehumidification which maximizes comfort. VRF utilized a modular design that results gives building occupants the ability to monitor temperatures within the zones in use.

Improved Sustainability

Today’s engineers and architects are working together to develop green solutions that improve sustainability in the industry. The community is adopting a practical approach that considers both water and energy consumption. They are also examining methods that improve scheduled maintenance costs, impact on the environment, enhancing performance. The efficient operation of VRF Systems, helps buildings earn points for sustainable programs. They are being incorporated more into original designs, as well as redesigns. All of these components help increase the property value.

Quiet Operation

Indoor and outdoor VRF cooling systems units are virtually silent. Therefore they can be placed almost anywhere. This offers greater design flexibility for how you can utilize both indoor and outdoor space. They are perfect for environments requiring minimal disruption such as schools, churches, libraries, doctor’s offices or hospitals. VRF Units even offer even quieter night modes for use in off-peak hours.

Integrative Design

VRF indoor units are available in a wide variety of styles that seamlessly incorporate into any interior design. Some units will mount flush, or can be hidden completely within the ceiling. Wall units are available that can merge into any decor. Hence, these systems offer unparalleled aesthetic appeal.

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