Reasons Why Your Commercial A/C Needs Replacement

A commercial building requires a large HVAC unit or several units to provide comfort. During the hot summer months, temperatures can rise quickly, and over time a commercial A/C unit or HVAC system will require repairs or even replacement. If the unit is older, consider replacing the system to provide better indoor air quality, energy efficiency, and comfort. But how do you know when its time to replace your unit? Read on to learn about the common signs that your commercial A/C is ready for replacement.

Older Unitcommercial A/C 2

To begin, consider the history of your unit. How old is the system? Are you continually contacting HVAC repair service techs to assist in reviving your system? Take some time to evaluate the operation of your commercial A/C unit to determine if you should replace it. In most cases, a unit that is ten years or older will need replacement. You may need to install a bigger unit or install a more updated model. Specifically, one that provides maximum energy efficiency that reduces your utility bills.

How Well Has the System Been Maintained?

An HVAC system requires maintenance on a consistent basis. If you have purchased a new commercial property, the system should be evaluated to test out how well the components are working to cool the space. You or a qualified technician should inspect the equipment. Also, the cabinetry should be in top condition and filters cleaned. Finally, air ducts should be adequately installed and cleaned from time to time as well. If a technician finds the HVAC system lacking, you might be better off installing a new system.

Inconsistent Airflow

Have you noticed that spaces within your commercial building are colder than others? Or perhaps individual rooms are not receiving the air flow they once needed? Filter problems could be the issue, or you may have a ductwork problem. This is something an HVAC technician can help with. After reviewing your system, a tech can suggest a repair that will work or show you the benefit of a new installation.

Complaints by Employees

Are your employees complaining that the HVAC system is not cooling the workspace? If your unit is breaking down more often than not, employees will likely start to complain. Productivity can decrease when the work environment becomes too difficult to bare. So, when employees are always complaining about being uncomfortable, its time to replace the unit.

Any time you find that your commercial A/C system is continually breaking down or having issues, it’s probably time for a replacement. The investment will surely be worthwhile as your building experiences better overall energy efficiency. That means a comfortable work environment as well as lower utility bills. Consider reviewing your HVAC system to see how a new installation could be beneficial. The Severn Group can help if you have any questions about commercial A/C or anything HVAC related. Contact us today.