Types of Commercial Air Conditioning You Can Use

When choosing which HVAC system to install, it can be difficult to navigate your options. There are too many systems on the market to count. However, understanding the four major types of commercial air conditioning units may help you make an informed decision. We break down each of them below.

Single Split System

Commerical Air Conditioning 1

Ideal for most small buildings, a single split system is one of the most popular types of commercial air conditioning units. They work in unison with an outdoor unit to circulate air, which travels through the building’s ducts. Better priced than central air systems, they allow you to control the temperature in each room with a control panel. Another benefit to a single split system is that if one needs repairs, the others around your building will still work because each unit is self-contained.

Multi Split System

Whereas single split systems require an outdoor unit per indoor unit, multi split systems can save you space. This is because each outdoor unit can power up to nine indoor units, which can be installed onto the wall or ceiling. Not to mention, each multi-split system is able to spot temperature changes. When this occurs, the unit self-adjusts, which means less energy is used. And thanks to inverters, each system has the ability to function at several speeds. However, they need more piping than single split systems, so they may not be right for all buildings.

VRF or VRV System

Variable refrigerant flow (VRF) and variable refrigerant volume (VRV) systems are two names for the same type of commercial air conditioning. These are ideal for larger buildings and come in two designs. Some VRF/VRV units use a heat pump system, which cools areas with open floor plans. Others use a heat recovery system that cools while using waste heat for hot water. VRF/VRV systems feature fast install times, are easy to operate and, above all, are reliable.

VAV or CAV System

Variable air volume (VAV) systems, also known as constant air volume (CAV) systems, are great for zone cooling in large spaces. This is possible thanks to its supply and return system that uses a single duct. Thus, keeping the temperature at the point you set it at. This type of commercial air conditioning is simple to control with a thermostat, which directs the damper to the correct position based on your default settings.

How to Decide

While this overview will help you narrow down your options, turn to The Severn Group to determine the best choice for your building. Since 2002, our team of experts has installed countless commercial air conditioning systems for structures of all varieties. Not only do we promise you’ll stay on budget and be satisfied with our work, but your tenants will thank you as well. For more information, contact The Severn Group today.