Commercial Energy Saving Tips

Commercial Energy Saving Tips

Want your company to become more energy efficient; then it will serve you to create a greener workplace.  Lights, equipment and poorly maintained HVAC systems are the culprits behind high utility costs. By applying only a few commercial energy saving tips, your company would see significant savings.

Reduce Waste

To start, encourage your employees to continue the same green practices they do at home at work too. Have your employees:

  • Turn off lights and computers at the end of the day.
  • Enable power saving mode while on the computer.
  • Consider installing occupancy sensors in conference rooms, break rooms and bathrooms.

According to the EPA’s Energy Star, lighting consumes 25% to 30% of energy in commercial buildings, therefore by improving your building’s lighting systems can help reduce electricity consumption. Review all lighting use and determine if there are opportunities to turn the lights off during non-business hours. Replace old incandescent bulbs for task lighting with ENERGY STAR qualified compact fluorescent bulbs.

Improved Efficiency

In addition to reducing waste, make sure you are also improving efficiency. If you discover that your HVAC system is out of date, consider investing to retrofit or install energy-efficient models. Upgrade boilers and other central plant systems using energy-efficient standards. Check out the EPA guide, The Building Upgrade Manual, for more commercial energy saving tips. It will help you plan and implement other building improvements. Here are some other equally important actions you can take:

  • Recalibrate thermostats and use programming for maximum efficiency.
  • Change all air filters regularly and make sure they are clean.
  • Find any window leaks that make cause heat or air conditioning to escape.
  • Upgrade your fans systems to optimize air delivery and maximum efficiency.

Likewise, create a clearly defined maintenance schedule to examine building equipment, HVAC systems, and operating procedures. All heating and cooling equipment need to be regularly inspected, not to mention making sure all ducts are sealed. If you are interested in creating an HVAC maintenance schedule, then The Severn Group can assist you. We have proven experience helping our customers improve their HVAC system efficiency and save money.