4 Myths About Commercial HVAC

No one likes to be misinformed, especially when it comes to heating and cooling your building. And, before you can properly maintain your company’s HVAC system, you have to know what not to do. To help separate fact from fiction, here are 4 myths about commercial HVAC systems to be aware of. 

1. Residential and Commercial HVAC Systems Are the Same Thing
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What’s the difference between heating and cooling a home versus an office? Though similar in theory, commercial HVAC systems are larger and more complex in their build. Therefore, greater planning and manpower is necessary for the installation process. Plus, your commercial system has to reach all of your workers at their desired temperature. That’s why you should hire experienced installers who are up to date on the latest heating and cooling trends.

2. HVAC Systems Need Little to No Maintenance

Another one of the myths about commercial HVAC has to do with your maintenance efforts. Even the most low-maintenance options will need regular checkups. However, you can do some of this on your own. Cleaning or changing air filters once a month will help your system stay at peak efficiency and prevent damage down the road. Additionally, checking for odd sounds and smells is an easy way to spot deeper problems. We also suggest an extra inspection in the fall to make sure your heating equipment is prepped for winter.

If you’re not sure what you should be checking, signing up for preventative maintenance plans may be the way to go. Expert technicians will meet with you regularly throughout the year to inspect the HVAC system for safety, efficiency, and durability.

3. Going Ductless Isn’t an Option for Businesses

Many believe that ductless HVAC systems are for homeowners only. However, an increasing number of businesses are switching to ductless solutions. Interestingly, advances in ductless heating and cooling technology have helped monitor temperatures in spaces spanning single rooms to shopping malls. And, if you go ductless, you won’t have to worry about losing heat from your ductwork. Thus, these systems will help minimize energy loss. Not to mention, your commercial space will enjoy a higher quality of air, thanks to its air filtering capabilities.

4. Finding an Energy-Efficient System Isn’t That Important

You’re probably thinking you have better things to spend your money on than a new heating and cooling system. But, buying a new, energy-efficient model may end up saving you money in the long-run. Heating and cooling systems are responsible for 39% of the energy used in commercial buildings in the United States. This is why it’s crucial to find not only high-quality equipment but high-quality installers. They know how to design heating and cooling infrastructures to increase energy savings.

Now that you’re aware of some of the myths about commercial HVAC, contact The Severn Group. We can help with installations, maintenance, and repairs throughout Maryland and D.C. Reach us online or at 443-837-0828 to schedule a service call today.