What is the Proper Temperature for a Data Center?

Proper temperature for a data center

The cooling of a data center uses a large amount of energy, and the perfect temperature range for your center will depend on size, locations in building, and your HVAC.

As a data center manager or supervisor, figuring out the proper temperature for a data center can be a daunting task. Data centers are heavily relied on to keep confidential information safe and secure at all times. Servers at the data center must be kept online at all times no matter what is going on around the center.

It’s no secret that these servers create a large amount of heat while running. If no one is monitoring the heat that is given off, it can cause a huge disruption in service and problems for everyone. That is why it is so critical that you understand what the temperature in the room should be kept at and how to maintain it. Take a look at some of the problems data centers face when temperatures rise too high, and what you as the manager can do to help reduce them.

What Happens if it’s Too Hot?

When the temperature inside the data center rises too high, the equipment can easily overheat. This can cause damage to the servers and everything else in the room. The data that you’re responsible for could be lost from the servers. Thus, causing major problems for the companies that trust your services. This is why all data centers should have cooling systems in place. And, it is important to learn the proper temperature to keep the data center so that it is not overheating.

What is the Right Temperature?

Most industry recommendations say that the proper temperature for a data center should not go over 82 degrees Fahrenheit. That is the maximum it should ever reach. However, a good range of temperatures in the server and data rooms can be anywhere from 68 to 71 degrees Fahrenheit. Some companies have stated that they keep their data center around 80 degrees. This helps reduce the cost of cooling equipment and energy consumption.

The cooling of these rooms uses a large amount of energy, and the perfect temperature range for your center will depend upon a few things. What size is the room where the servers are stored? How many servers are in the room itself? What type of cooling system do you currently have installed in your data center?

Perfect Temperature

Combining the factors mentioned above, most find that the perfect range for data centers is 73 to 75 degrees Fahrenheit. Once you’ve determined the proper temperature for your data center, you need to also consider a few other items. Make sure that your data center has temperature monitoring in the server room. You also want to ensure that you have high-temperature alarms that will alert you and your team to the rising temps in the server room. All of these items will help you to make sure that your temperature stays in the happy medium range. In addition, you will also reduce the risk of damage to the servers and the information.

These ideas can also help you to reduce the energy consumption it takes to keep those server rooms cool. Be sure to have your cooling system maintained properly to reduce the chance of a breakdown and losing server data. Also, check out our blog on hot/cold aisle layouts design for data centers.