Why HVAC is so Important to Data Centers

Data centers power the internet; they house the number of servers where the internet’s websites and information are stored. These structures help ensure the internet runs, and HVAC systems are crucial to keeping them running.

HVAC systems serve an essential function in any space or building that has servers. Why? Because they control the air, temperature, and humidity to run the computer servers that power the internet.

What’s a Data Center?

Data centers are areas/buildings where company’s store main network systems, critical IT applications, and data. Though size and shape can vary. The larger the company, the more storage the company needs to make sure its information on the internet is available. Cloud computing allows businesses and smaller companies to invest in infrastructure. However, the servers they use are in data centers.

When you google HVAC designs, for instance, the results on your screen are made possible by data centers. What’s more, the tech giants like Microsoft and Google also rely heavily on these for their daily operations. Most tech giants now have massive ones called hyperscale data centers or HDCs. These places efficiently support powerful and scalable applications that hold huge volumes of information, computing, and storage.

Therefore, HVAC systems are an integral part of data centers. They are essential to maintaining the air quality, temperature, and humidity of every data center. The American Society of Heating, Refrigerating, and Air Conditioning Engineers sets the standards for these requirements.

Cooling Down Data Centers with HVAC

As your computer runs, its fan periodically turns on to cool the internal parts. That way, they keep working as they should and don’t overheat. Well, these areas, sometimes buildings, have many computers, and they must stay at a steady and cool operating temperature. That’s where HVAC comes in.

The HVAC systems make sure that the computers that keep the internet running are kept running without overheating. Data centers have hundreds, even thousands, of machines running at once, which generates a lot of heat. HVAC systems keep the air temperature at the required constant temperatures to keep a data center’s computers running optimally.

Controlling Data Center Humidity

Humidity in and computers don’t work well together. Too little humidity and electrostatic discharge become a problem. These conditions can damage internal server components. On the other hand, too much humidity could lead to condensation and, consequently, corrosion. That’s why a well-maintained HVAC system is essential to control the humidity in data centers.

Keeping Data Center Air Clean

Computers and servers are very sensitive to dirt, dust, and other small particles. HVAC systems also help filter the air to protect the computers. As a result, particles don’t build up inside the equipment and cause malfunctions.

HVAC systems have robust air filters. They circulate the air and filter out the unwanted particles. This is so that minute fragments don’t interfere with the computer equipment.

Future of Data Centers and HVAC

The modern data center works very hard, and so do their HVAC systems. Admittedly, all this hard work requires a lot of energy and money to keep going. However, already things like smart systems are already helping HVAC systems be more efficient and cost-effective. Given how important HVAC systems are to data centers, HVAC companies are uniquely positioned to lead the way to more sustainable systems in these facilities.

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