Why Do We Only Focus on Commercial HVAC & Not Residential?

As a commercial HVAC contractor, we focus solely on servicing the heating and cooling systems for businesses and industrial businesses. This allows us to ensure each of our technicians has the specialized experience and skills necessary to work with larger cooling systems. Read on to discover some of the reasons we focus on commercial HVAC equipment.

Familiarity with Commercial HVAC Products

Different companies design commercial and residential systems for heating and cooling systems. That’s because commercial and residential models must meet different health and safety standards requirements. There are also fewer manufacturing challenges when companies specialize in either commercial or residential HVAC systems.

An HVAC technician who works with commercial and residential systems must learn more about each type of system. This can be overwhelming and distract the technician from becoming an expert on any specific system they’re working on. It’s better for our technicians and our customers when our technicians focus on learning about commercial systems alone.

Greater Knowledge About Commercial Systems

Your business will benefit from the service of an HVAC contractor that solely works on commercial systems. This is because they have spent more time working on commercial systems than a contractor that splits their time between commercial and residential customers. In addition, this means the commercial HVAC contractor is more efficient at servicing commercial or industrial systems.

A commercial contractor will provide you with better inspections and maintenance to keep your system running better for longer. They will also be more familiar with repairing your commercial system. They will be able to provide you with accurate wait and delivery times when ordering parts, and they can give you a better idea of what will be involved in repairing the problem.

Technicians Are Fully Compliant

In order to work on commercial HVAC systems, contractors and their employees must maintain specific licenses that certify them for commercial work. This includes journeyman licenses and Master contractor licenses to name a few. In addition, some states require additional contractor licenses, so maintaining a commercial heating and cooling business requires a great deal of paperwork.

A business that manages commercial and residential HVAC services may have difficulty keeping up with these requirements. In addition to ensuring their company is properly licensed, they also have to make sure their employees stay updated. This process is easier when the business only handles commercial HVAC systems.

Commercial Contractors Help Save Money

Your HVAC system will eventually experience a hiccup, whether it’s a residential or commercial unit. When that day comes, you’ll want to work with an experienced commercial contractor that knows what’s best for your HVAC equipment. A contractor that works with both residential and commercial systems may not be aware of the differences between commercial heating and cooling systems.

Or if they are, since they do more residential than commercial, they might not have seen specific commercial issues before. This comes right back to experience too. The more a technician is familiar with your HVAC system, the more likely they will catch issues easier. Ultimately, this helps you save money in the long term.

You’ll Benefit from a Good Reputation

The final thing to consider is our reputation. Since we work exclusively with commercial and industrial businesses, the commercial sector is more familiar with our work. You can ask any business in your community, and they’ll likely recommend a contractor that only works on commercial heating and cooling systems.

If you manage a commercial business or industrial facility, contact The Severn Group for your heating and cooling needs. We provide the commercial HVAC services you need to operate your system year-round. Our certified and experienced team can help you keep your system running efficiently for longer.