Benefits of a Central Humidifier in Office Buildings and Retail Spaces

If you’re like many people, you might think that humidity is always the enemy of an enclosed space. After all, if your office has excess humidity, it can cause a host of problems. In truth, you should be aiming for the optimal humidity level, which is between 40% and 45%. A level above 50% is where discomfort sets in, and one below 30% is where things are considered too dry. This is why there is a significant benefit to having a central humidifier.

At first glance, a central humidifier might seem like a strange device to consider, but there are several key benefits of central humidifiers for office spaces. Learn more about central humidifier benefits below.

What Problems Can Arise from Low Humidity?

When the humidity level drops below 30%, the problems are greater than just general discomfort. Central humidifier benefits extend throughout the building and the equipment inside it, too.

Occupant Discomfort

Overly dry air can irritate respiratory conditions like asthma and bronchitis, as well as lead to symptoms that include a sore throat, eye irritation, dehydration, irritated skin, nosebleeds, worsening infections, and increased overall stress.

Humans need a certain amount of moisture in the air to maintain good health. Your employees, customers, and clients will be well served by properly humidified air.

Static Electricity

If you’ve ever rubbed a balloon on your hair and stuck it to the ceiling, you’ve witnessed static electricity in action. While this might be a cute party trick, sensitive electronics don’t take kindly to such shocks. When humidity levels drop too low, electronic equipment is in danger from rising levels of static electricity.

Airborne Dust

One of the main benefits of central humidifiers is that they will maintain proper moisture levels in the air. This reduces the amount of airborne dust, which is directly linked to occupant health and the wear and tear of equipment.

Dust can also contain undesirable chemicals and contaminants that stick to surfaces and transfer to skin and clothing. In addition, sensitive instruments that rely on precise calibration can become unreliable with too much dust exposure, and dust is even responsible for circuit board corrosion.

Higher Energy Bills

Your HVAC system will work overtime trying to compensate for inconsistent humidity levels. Just like air that’s too humid feels too warm, dry air can feel too cool, resulting in staff raising the air temperature to maintain comfort. The extra usage increases energy bills on top of causing extra wear and tear.

Industry-Specific Issues

Not all humidity level problems are universal. Central humidifier benefits for cold storage facilities include maintaining humidity for safe long-term food storage. Greenhouses must have optimal humidity to maintain plant health. Museums and libraries must protect their artifacts from drying out, cracking, or warping from dry air exposure. Textile and paper manufacturers need to keep their facilities’ humidity levels from fluctuating so that their products have consistent quality.

The Solution? A Central Humidifier

The benefits of central humidifiers can completely negate the issues mentioned above. Generally, the installation places the humidifier right after the furnace so that the warmed air must pass through it before circulating the building.

A humidifier works by adding vaporized water to the air. Sensors in strategic areas tell the unit exactly how much vapor to add to create ideal humidity levels.

A central humidifier might be an essential addition to protecting equipment and maintaining employee morale. Individual humidifiers are too small and inefficient to make a difference, in case you were considering them as a band-aid solution. Additionally, modern central dehumidifiers are far more energy efficient than older models, using less water and electricity to operate.

Enjoy Central Humidifier Benefits with Expert Installation

To ensure your central humidifier is installed correctly, trust the experts at the Severn Group. We take care of Washington D.C. and Maryland businesses just like yours to ensure the air stays comfortable. So if you’re ready to achieve the perfect humidity ratio, we’re a phone call away. Contact the Severn Group for your consultation and get a quote on your central dehumidifier installation!