Cooling for Computer Server Rooms

HVAC your for server room isn’t just nice to have, it’s essential. If servers overheat and fail, it could cost you thousands of dollars in damage. Do you know the average temperature of your servers? Your server room? Generally, server rooms need to stay below 73 degrees Fahrenheit. Server manufacturers will usually list thermal output in the server’s technical specifications, which will allow the HVAC technician to estimate total thermal load. The size of your server room, number of servers, and amount of ventilation will all play a factor in the size and type of system recommended to keep your servers online and your data humming.

It may be tempting to cut costs and use an AC system that’s designed for people. This is a bad idea. Cooling equipment designed for computers has different temperature and humidity controls. Humidity control is especially important in a server environment; too little, and you’re dealing with static electricity and damaged equipment. Too much, and you’re getting condensation on servers. Water and electricity aren’t a good combination. On top of all that, comfort coolers can run you about 50% more in overall operating costs.

Servers should be sealed off from outside elements such as dust and external humidity. Doors should be closed, cracks should be sealed, and ducts and vents to the comfort AC system should not be shared with the server cooling unit. For every 18 degrees F above 70 degrees, the reliability of your servers will be reduced by 50 percent. A good temperature range for servers is between 73 and 77 degrees, but no higher.

If your company has several server racks, ensure that the cold air gets to the top of the racks. Hot air is lighter than cold air, so this is especially important. The servers at the floor may be registering 75 degrees, but if the servers at the top of the rack are sitting in 80-degree temperatures, you’re going to have failure.

Do you know how much it will cost you to have your servers offline for hours? What about days? Without a proper cooling system, it can and will happen. In today’s computer-based workforce, it is imperative to protect your IT infrastructure. If your servers go down, your workstations, email, and sometimes phones will fail as well. This translates to lost business, which means no revenue.

Are you looking to install a cooling system in your server room? We can help! We also provide regular maintenance of existing server-room cooling systems. Contact us to get a quote, or if you have any questions. We look forward to serving you!