Preventative Service Contracts for HVAC

HVAC service contracts are agreements drawn up between you and an HVAC service company (e.g. Severn Group). These contracts are set up whereby you pay a set monthly fee to the HVAC company to guarantee ongoing services for your system. These contracts can include basic checkups in summer and winter, as well as discounts on parts and service, and priority service during emergencies.

By having a qualified HVAC technician perform regular maintenance on your system, you will be prolonging its life, improving your energy efficiency, and helping the environment. Periodic checkups mean that problems are caught early, before they turn costly and inconvenient.


When checking your system, the HVAC technician may perform the following tasks:

  • Spring/Summer:

    • Measure and fill freon

    • Inspect for leaks

    • Replace filters

    • Wash condenser coil

    • Check supply and return air temperature,

    • Inspect and tighten electrical connections

    • Measure and record motor amperage and voltage

    • Lubricate motors and unsealed moving parts

    • Inspect and replace belts


  • Fall/Winter:

    • Replace filters

    • Inspect and adjust gas heat exchanger, ignition and burner assembly

    • Check amperage draw of electric heat and sequence

    • Inspect and adjust indoor blower components

    • Blow out condensate drain and clean pan

    • Run cycle on heat and AC

    • Inspect and replace belts

    • Lubricate motors and unsealed moving parts


Just like your car, HVAC systems need regular maintenance to run smoothly and efficiently. Many HVAC manufacturers provide a limited warranty on their systems, but one stipulation of the warranty is often that they require regular maintenance by a qualified technician. In other words, if something breaks, evidence of regular service must be shown in order for the parts and labor to be covered under the warranty. Service contracts take the guesswork out of these claims, and provide you with peace of mind. In addition, regular service ensures that your HVAC system will run for its full intended life, sparing you the significant cost of replacing it before its time.

If your HVAC system does fail in the middle of summer or depths of winter, you know that you will receive priority service, and that we will get your system back up and running as quickly as possible.

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