Importance of Proactive Boiler Maintenance

Being proactive with any equipment maintenance is a smart idea. This is especially important when considering your boiler maintenance schedule. By far the worst strategy is being only reactive, scheduling repairs or service only in times of equipment failure. Proper planning and anticipating routine repairs allows you to correct potential problems before they arise. When you are proactive, you will experience improved safety and operations.

Here are some great proactive boiler maintenance schedule tips:

Keep the boiler room free of clutter.

You should never use your boiler room for storage. It is important to a keep the boiler free of clutter. It is a safety hazard if there are items blocking any equipment.

Information is your best defense.

Your staff should be informed of proper boiler safety. It is a good idea to educate them on the boiler’s basic operation, so they know if something is wrong. This way, should something go awry they will contact a service professional in a timely manner.

Avoid storing flammable materials.

This seems to be obvious, but so many times service professionals find flammable items stored in a boiler room. Temperatures in this space could potentially be excessive, and it makes “safety sense” to never put anything flammable into this environment.

Hire a pro to inspect.

According to the technical team for the Severn Group, a  commercial HVAC contractor in the Washington D.C. metropolitan area, routine inspections should be comprehensive and yearly. Proper inspections and maintenance can save you from replacement costs in the future.

Make necessary repairs immediately.

If, upon inspection, an issue is reported, address it immediately. It is best to not  allow the problem to compound and create an even bigger repair. Attending to a minor repair right away could save money and add to the life of your unit.

Reinspect all equipment after any repairs.

Once a repair has been made have the entire system reinspected. This will ensure that all parts are working together efficiently.

Create a specific maintenance schedule.

Work together with your service technician to put together a routine for maintenance. You should anticipate at the very minimum yearly maintenance. Neglecting your boiler for more than a year can result in higher costs due to compounded issues.

Keep an accurate and up to date maintenance log.

Having a record of all inspections, maintenance, and repairs are invaluable for the life of your boiler. It is also helpful for your technician to refer to this log yearly upon your routine maintenance so he may customize his inspection.

Don’t completely trust an “automated” system.

All components of your system should be regularly evaluated. You should never overlook any element because it is automated. It could be detrimental to operations if any part malfunctions.

Safety, Safety, Safety

Safety is mentioned three times because it is SO important. Your boiler is a powerful piece of equipment. All these tips mentioned work together to help keep your boiler functioning properly. It is imperative that you follow your technician’s recommendations. Doing so will ensure proper equipment operation and keep you and your staff safe at all times.


Neglecting your boiler for more than a year will bring about higher costs due to compounded issues. Learn more about how our proactive preventive maintenance is more than just making sure the system is clean.