HVAC Forums You Need to Read as a Technician

It’s zero degrees—and the heat just went out. Suddenly, workers are contending with freezing temperatures while trying to do their jobs. For the HVAC professional who has experienced this situation, they understand that the job cannot be finished fast enough. That is why we have put together some of our favorite HVAC forums. These help technicians stay on top of their game. And are a great resource for troubleshooting those not-so-common issues.

Five Must-Read HVAC Forums & News for Industry Professionals

Even with access to the internet, it seems like high-quality online resources are hard to find. This article will look at the five most helpful sites we recommend. This is for both the seasoned professional and the newest technician on the team.

1. ACHR News

With the biggest online presence in the industry, Air Conditioning, Heating, and Refrigeration (ACHR) News is the blog to beat. You can catch up on the latest news in the commercial market. And you can read up on the most recent grant money, government subsidies, and tax changes that could impact the business.

ACHR News has almost any and every HVAC topic covered. These articles are written by top-level industry professionals. A technician can quickly and confidently figure out which market trends are most relevant to the business.

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2. HVAC.com

With the unpredictable nature of repair work, helpful, time-saving tips are always in high demand. The HVAC.com team of veteran technicians and professionals in the industry has written a plethora of articles. They provide invaluable savings in a business where time is money.

Their current most popular articles feature a wealth of information. These generally focus on residential HVAC. While that is quite different from commercial HVAC, there are a lot of similarities. It also is a great resource for those starting out in the field.

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3. Builder Online

If interests lie in the general construction arena towards the entire scope of the project, Builder is perfect.

Although HVAC remains a highly published topic on the forum, in taking a more holistic approach to the home assembly process, Builder hosts popular categories like Data & Analysis, where articles discussing market changes, managing the business in a work-from-home world, or follow the latest trends in home and community design can be found.

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4. HVAC Insider

HVAC Insider isn’t just an HVAC forum for tips. You can find state-specific news articles, job suggestions,  advice, and more.  Individuals can even post overstock materials for sale to clean up the shop.

Although they seem to be more active with information pertaining to the east coast and Gulf states, there is a little something for everyone. Their site includes news and webinars providing helpful instructions on how to install the latest electronic thermostats and even offers editorial writing and job searching.

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5. Go Time Success Group

It is hard not to recognize Go Time as the one-stop-shop for any and all HVAC needs. With resources ranging from company assessments and coaching to the classes that they offer for building better HVAC technicians for the field, Go Time intends to bring to the HVAC market all the tools it needs to succeed.

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The Quickest Tips and Most Useful Tricks

For all the HVAC professional’s needs—whether it be a little reading material or a quick fix to finishing up the job fast—these five resources are sure to provide. Keep your technician on the move—preferably, in a truck where they can take control of the temperature!

Besides these HVAC forums, another great resource is also The Severn Group. We have developed an entire Education Center around commercial HVAC topics. These articles are specifically made for HVAC technicians, facility managers, and directors of building operations. Check it out!