The Most Useful HVAC Apps for Technicians

In every service industry, time is money. For HVAC technicians, getting the job done correctly the first time takes years of experience. This is a mix of education and attention to the finest of details. However, just like in so many other industries, the rise of technology can help. Smartphones have useful HVAC apps available to help technicians perform their daily duties.

New mobile apps for HVAC technicians are changing the way we work and interact with customers. They can help customers log service calls and track maintenance schedules. Similarly, some HVAC apps can help technicians to troubleshoot issues, size different portions of a system, and monitor performance remotely. For any technician looking for better solutions, here are five of the most useful HVAC apps available now.

5 Useful HVAC Apps Every Technician Should Have

Every smartphone is now a computer in the HVAC technician’s pocket. It reduces the need for paper documents and hastily scribbled notes when doing their calculations. The HVAC apps below have extensive features that will assist any technician in improving their daily efficiencies.

1. Breezeworks

Although not a dedicated HVAC app, Breezeworks helps companies plan and schedule their technicians’ work. It includes features like scheduling, customer relationship management (CRM), team management, and billing. Additionally, it also optimizes routes and alerts technicians about excessive traffic that may delay their trips.

2. HVAC Buddy

With support for charging and diagnostics (including pressure testing), HVAC Buddy® is ideal for servicing tasks. Technicians can enter different types of refrigerants, temperatures, and pressures to calculate superheat, subcooling, and airflow targets. With handy pressure and temperature charts, technicians won’t waste time doing their own calculations on-site.

3. HVACR Check & Charge™

Emerson’s HVACR Check & Charge™ is an instant mobile refrigerant calculator that can assist any technician to analyze temperatures and optimize the system charge. The app also allows technicians to factor in latent and sensible environmental loads for accurate charge calculations. Technicians can opt to calculate superheat or subcooling, and it supports a range of different refrigerant types.

4. HVAC Duct Sizer

Using the constant friction method, technicians can use the HVAC Duct Sizer app. This helps to size a single duct run or a range of sizes. Touted as the mobile version of the Trane Ductulator, the app supports three main sizing methods. This includes sizing by airflow, by dimensions, and by duct sizes. Additionally, it supports different duct shapes (including rectangular, round, or oval) and a variety of ducting materials.

5. CoolCloud™ HVAC

To assist licensed technicians with streamlining their HVAC system’s operations, the CoolCloud™ HVAC app works with select models of Goodman® and Amana® brand air handlers and furnace control boards. Technicians can quickly diagnose HVAC issues by connecting via Bluetooth to reduce the manual effort required when troubleshooting problems. The CoolCloud app also keeps detailed history and notes from previous service contractors. This assists technicians with quickly identifying reoccurring issues.

Optimizing Your Building HVAC with The Severn Group

Please note that the use of technology does not replace the need for professional technicians. We do not recommend anyone try to DIY any commercial HVAC issues with the use of any of these apps. These are merely to help field HVAC technicians with their day-to-day. If you have any suggestions or apps that help you, share them with us!

If you are looking for help with your commercial HVAC system, give us a call. The Severn Group has professionally certified technicians that are dedicated to customer satisfaction. In addition, we have resources for building managers, technicians, and more on our blog.