How Can Portable Spot Air Conditioners Help My Business?

Businesses have different needs when it comes to heating, ventilating, and air conditioning buildings and facilities. What every business has in common, though, is the desire to save money. Commercial enterprises analyzing their HVAC requirements can consider using portable spot air conditioners. Read on to know about these compact air conditioning units and if they’re right for your business.

What are Portable Spot Air Conditioners?

Portable spot air conditioners have the same functionality that larger air conditioning systems do, albeit on a smaller scale. Compactness is the essential feature of portable spot air conditioners. You can simply move a portable air conditioning unit into an area that needs to be cooled. There are also other ways these units can be beneficial.

Cooling and Heating the Same Space

Most portable air conditioning units are outfitted with an evaporator and a condenser, both housed in the same cabinet structure. Cold, dehumidified air is exhausted from the unit through a nozzle that can be pointed at a circumscribed “spot.” Hence, the name. The condensing process releases both latent heat and liquid water that also must be exhausted from the unit.

The warm air presents a challenge. If the goal is to cool a particular spot, warm air exhaust may not be a problem. If general-purpose air conditioning is the goal, warm air exhaust may constitute a more significant problem. Ventilation of warm air can occur via ducting into dropped ceilings, windows, or doors that lead outside or to an unused building space.

Applications of Portable Spot Air Conditioners

Portable spot air conditioners have potentially useful applications for both commercial and industrial enterprises.

Server Rooms, Data Centers, Electronics

Many businesses have server rooms, data centers, or telecommunications hubs that are crucial for business operations. Climate control in dedicated electronics spaces is often a high priority for ensuring continuity and stability. Portable spot air conditioners may be an ideal solution for keeping electronics rooms at the desired temperature and humidity and for alleviating potential hotspots.

Confined or Hot Work Spaces

In many industrial situations, workers are required to work in small or hot spaces to do their jobs. Portable coolers can help keep workers cool, making them more productive. Coolers can also satisfy OSHA requirements related to workers who are exposed to excessive heat on the job.

Redundancy in Commercial Spaces

There may be situations in which a centralized HVAC system isn’t working, and that may interfere with business. Portable spot coolers can serve as a kind of temporary redundancy in the system. They ensure that climate control can occur in high-priority areas, even when a central HVAC system is inoperative.

What Air Conditioning is Right for Your Building?

Every product costs money to buy, operate, and maintain. If you’ve determined your business could benefit from the use of portable spot coolers, do some calculations first. Consider upfront and maintenance costs and the average lifetime of the product. How do those costs compare to the installation and maintenance of a centralized HVAC system?

It’s also worth doing a full heat load analysis to determine what your HVAC needs are. You’ll then be in a position to know whether or not a portable solution would do the job. You’ll also know whether a larger, more permanent, HVAC solution is right for your business. The experts at The Severn Group can help guide you through making these decisions. Also, check out our blog for more tips and facility HVAC management topics.