Winterizing Your Commercial Building – How a Pro Can Help

As winter comes around, there will be numerous things to do to prepare your commercial building. Getting your HVAC systems ready is one of them. And going with the professionals can help you in more ways than you might think. Learn more about the importance of winterizing your commercial building.

Get the Most Out of Energy Efficiency

Many different programs encourage both residences and businesses to improve their energy efficiency. HVAC systems are a crucial focus of these programs, and you might not realize the wealth of federal, state, and local incentives that your business could stand to benefit from.

Going with the professionals to winterize your commercial building could give you ample opportunities to upgrade your HVAC systems with rebates and other incentives. A commercial HVAC contractor will know about the specific programs for both your area and your industry.

Programs often use very specific terms and include conditions that laypeople might not understand. Professional commercial HVAC contractors will be able to ensure that some misinterpretation doesn’t lose your business its incentives. They’ll also be able to take the guesswork out of these incentives.

Optimizing Your Systems for Efficiency

HVAC efficiency is an important factor that affects both homes and businesses. With so much more space to heat, commercial buildings can’t afford to have their HVAC systems running inefficiently. Even small percentages will add up over the years to become major costs.

A professional HVAC contractor can ensure that your system is running as efficiently as possible. This will include a thorough cleaning, inspection, and calibration to ensure that all systems are operating at 100%.

Careful diagnostics also contribute to identifying inefficiencies. A professional HVAC contractor will have both the tools and the knowledge to assess how well your systems are running. Based on this information, they can then look into any potential issues leading to inefficiency.

Implementing More Effective Controls

When you winterize your commercial building, you can control your HVAC system more closely and make your heating more efficient overall. Heating costs over the winter can be high, and any waste represents a loss for your business. Innovative new control options let you cut that waste to a minimum.

A professional HVAC contractor will be able to provide you with multiple options for improving your controls. This could be something as simple as a scheduled thermostat that automatically reduces heating after work hours. That is only the beginning. There are many far more advanced options.

This can include various types of occupancy sensors. With this equipment, your system can sense when rooms are not in use and adjust heating and airflow accordingly. Light sensors can similarly (adaptively) adjust the heating to account for current sun exposure.

Planning Ahead with Preventative Maintenance

The time leading up to winter is one of the best times to initiate a preventative maintenance plan. Winter is the worst time of year to have significant HVAC issues, so thorough inspections and tune-ups are well worth the investment.

Identifying damage before it leads to a failure will save your business in terms of both downtime and repair costs. Initiating a service contract will help prevent unexpected shutdowns all year round.

Regular maintenance also ensures that your building’s HVAC systems are running consistently more efficiently. The build-up of dirt and everyday wear constantly weakens your system, and a commercial HVAC contractor can mitigate and reduce that impact.

Winterize Your Commercial Building with The Severn Group

The Severn Group is a commercial HVAC contractor providing services here in Maryland and the D.C. metropolitan area. Our professional team can get your commercial building ready for winter and keep its HVAC systems running properly. Contact us today to find out how we can help winterize your commercial building.