5 Reasons Why You Should Replace Your Commercial Furnace Soon

While it’s economical and responsible to keep appliances alive as long as you can, they have a finite span. Eventually, repairs won’t do any good, and replacement will be the only option. You may be facing the difficult decision to replace your commercial furnace. Can it stand one more repair? Will you be able to get another year of use? Let’s look at the signs that a commercial furnace replacement is in your future.

1. Repairs Are Becoming More Frequent

If you’re a facility manager or building operator, you must justify your expenditures. Why spend the money on a new commercial furnace replacement when you can patch up your current one? This is the proper procedure in the early days of your furnace’s life. Breakdowns should be infrequent for much of a furnace’s life, especially if it’s well-maintained.

As your furnace ages, you may notice malfunctions are increasingly common. There will be a crossover point where maintaining your furnace is the more expensive option. When this happens, it’s time to replace your commercial furnace. The upfront cost might seem extraordinary, but you must compare it to compounding repair bills.

2. Your Furnace Is 15 Years Old

How long can you expect your furnace to last? When does the crossover from cheaper-to-fix to cheaper-to-replace happen? In general, it’s about 15 years. This is not a hard and fast rule, of course. A meticulously maintained furnace from a reputable manufacturer may last longer.

However, even a robust furnace in excellent working order will eventually cease working. You may not have to replace your commercial furnace after 15 years if you are fortunate enough. But you should still set aside the budget for an eventual replacement.

3. Your Furnace Relies On Outdated Technology

This is a bit of a caveat to the previous item. You may have a flawlessly functioning old furnace, but it could still be grossly inefficient. Advances in technology are constantly improving furnace performance. A new furnace could pay for itself quickly by reducing energy consumption. Modern furnaces can regulate temperature better while using less power. They’re less likely to leak harmful fumes too.

A new commercial furnace replacement can bring your building into the 21st century. Artificial intelligence and virtual reality are changing all industries, HVAC included. Smart thermostats not only regulate temperature better, but they can also send relevant data to an online portal. Monitoring your building’s air quality from anywhere is an advantage in maintenance and safety.

4. Your Energy Bills Are Increasing

A furnace approaching the end of its operational life will become less efficient. Whether your furnace runs on gas or electricity, an aging furnace will struggle to maintain air temperature. Compare bills over the last six months to see if usage has increased. For electric furnaces, as they age or get damaged, they can experience current fluctuations as well.

5. Your Air Quality Is Decreasing

Ideally, your HVAC system is pumping fresh air throughout your building. If the furnace is aging or in disrepair, it can become a source of toxic substances. Carbon monoxide is of particular concern and the most common gas an old furnace will leak. While carbon monoxide is odorless, colorless, and tasteless, the effects cause flu-like symptoms among those exposed.

Your aging furnace may release other chemicals and toxins, so be sensitive to strange smells. These smells could signify that it’s on its last legs and needs replacement.

Trust The Severn Group to Repair & Replace Your Commercial Furnace

When your commercial furnace is giving you the signs that it’s at the end of its life, don’t wait. Instead, contact the experts at The Severn Group right away. We can determine whether your furnace needs a simple fix or it’s time for a new one.